• Style: Women Shawl |
• Color : Red/Purple/Khaki/Star Flower/Leopard Red/Black/Leopard Black/Leopard Brown/Leopard purple/Flower Navy/Flower Black/Flower Coffee/Flower Gray/Flower Haqing /Mud Red/Mud/Mud Black/Mud Blue |
• Feature : Keep Warm |
• Length : 130CM|
• Width : 155CM|
• Material: Cashmere|
• Pattern: Lattice |

Color,style and design can be slightly variable from the model pictures due to technical and other reasons.


Flower Coffee, Flower Haqing, Flower Navy, Leopard Black, Leopard Brown, Leopard purple, Leopard Red, Mud Black, Mud Blue, Mud Mud, Mud Red, Star Flower, Beige, Black, Flower Black, Gray, Purple, Red




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